Case for Mat Washers

WOW! that is amazing! I can believe that you can get a clean dry floor mat in 30 seconds. Is the comment I hear the most. Followed by, can I justify the cost?


Please let us help you out with this quandary. We will be focused on the biggest reasons mat washers make sense.


Quality of the finished product,

Standing out in the crowd, and  Profit Center.


Quality of finished product:

Inconsistent cleaning of floor mats leads to unhappy customers. You might have the greatest employee ever cleaning floor mats but even they cannot have the same quality level from the 1st car of the day to the 100th car.

At best, your customers will see how hard your employees are trying and might give you a pass on the inconsistency of the quality of the cleaned mats. We all can appreciate hard work when we see it. 

However, if the cleaning level of floor mats is not consistent, it will be noticed. When your customers step into their car, they look where their feet are going. Making the floor mats the first thing that is noticed on the interior of the car. Will they see where they spilled the coffee last week? Or the mustard stain from last month? The mess from the kids eating in the car? Mud stains from that rainy day last week? Or even worse, will the mats be clean but still wet.  That squishy feeling under your feet and the musty oder that comes from drying mats in the car. YUCK !! It is something that will be remembered when your customers are looking for the next wash.


Having a consistently great product will lead customers to your wash. Having just one bad experience will have them seeking another carwash. Let your competition have the inconsistency, you need a superior product every time.  

Standing out in the crowd:


With the explosion in the number of carwashes nation wide, being able to standout from the crowd with a superior product becomes that much more important. Would the customer base in your area drive and extra mile to receive a clean dry floor mat? If the alternative is a clean wet mat, or just a mat that has been vacuumed.

The answer is an over whelming YES !!! 


Make your carwash a destination not an after thought.

Profit Center:

Adding shampooed floor mats as a $5.00 option quickly allows the Extractomat Stainless Steel Mat Washer to pay for itself and become a profit center in your carwash. In under 5 months !!


( 20 Mat washers per day at $5.00 each)



In summary, consistently great floor mat cleaning will bring you more customers. Inconsistent floor mat cleaning will have customers looking for a better product.


Which carwash is yours?


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